Crispy Mushroom Risotto Cakes with Roasted Tomatoes and Onions (Vegan)


It was not that long ago that vegetarians dining at most restaurants had very few options. Most places offered little more than a pasta option. Thankfully, these days restaurants are finally realizing that there is real finesse and flavor in meatless and vegan options. Now, imagine that as a vegetarian you sat down at a restaurant to find real protein rich options, bold satisfying flavors and enough foodie appeal to make meat-eaters turn heads and ask the waiter what you have on your plate. The Wynn Resort in Las Vegas thought that would be a good idea too so they … Continue reading

Coconut-Lime Icebox Pie (Egg-Free) for Pi Day

Coconut Lime Icebox Pie a

March 14, 2015 at 9:26:53 a.m – That’s the time to start celebrating. Back in 1988, I doubt that physicist Larry Shaw of the Exploratorium in San Francisco had any idea what a phenomenon Pi Day would become when he decided to start celebrating March 14 as the day to recognize the importance of the mathematical and physical constant. For a food blogger with a scientist father, the idea of a math-themed holiday with a food tie-in is a dream come true. For the past several years I’ve had the intention of doing a Pi Day post, but this year … Continue reading

Whole Wheat No-Sugar-Added Banana Bread

banana bread square

A month ago I was digging out from blizzard number one and packing up for a week on a warm Caribbean beach. Then, in day five of our dreamy sun-drenched trip, I received a frantic call from my mom, who was watching our house. Water was pouring into the house and quickly destroying two of our bedrooms. Now, a month later, thanks to major ice damming, we have two unusable bedrooms and water now wreaking havoc on the antique wood ceilings of the front porch. Winter has, day by day, brought us to our knees. Everyone in Boston is suffering … Continue reading

Red Bean and Hominy Chili


Can we all just calm down and get over the air-pressure of a few footballs? Come on, it’s time for the Super Bowl and there are more important things to talk about. Like chili. Chili is essential to Super Bowl festivities. This is the third year I’m featuring a chili recipe for Super Bowl week, and the first time I’m giving you a vegetarian option. The first time I featured a chili recipe, I shared my mild Texas style beef chili with no beans. That recipe has continued to be one of my most popular recipes on the blog. Then … Continue reading

Fattoush with Yogurt


I’m all wrapped up in yogurt right now. Chobani asked me to come up with a recipe using their all-natural yogurt to share with you. I came up with two. I am little bit of an overachiever these days. Here’s the first: If you are not familiar with fattoush, then you are in for a treat. This middle-eastern bread salad is the best thing in my diet right now. At it’s heart, fattoush is a combination of toasted or fried pita tossed with cucumbers, tomatoes and other veggies. My version is adapted from the wildly popular and addictive Jerusalem: A … Continue reading

Nasoya Breakfast Burritos

Nasoya Breakfast Burrito1'

So, in yesterday’s post I turned you into a tofu lover, right? Well, here’s a few more recipes to use your love of tofu in, and these are breakfast! Recently, Nasoya contacted me and asked me to try out a few of their breakfast recipes. Regardless if you are new to tofu, or use it regularly, you might not think of it as a breakfast option, but it makes a wonderful substitute for eggs. It’s full of protein and the flavors adapt easily to whatever flavor you are looking for. Nasoya provided me with free Nasoya products in exchange for … Continue reading

Not-So-Fried Char Siu Tofu Spring Rolls

Char Siu Tofu Spring Roll detail

Let’s talk about your fears for a minute. Not the what’s hiding under the bed sort of fears, or the scary clown sort of fears. Let’s talk about your fear of tofu for a sec, okay? Yup, you – the one that looks the other way when passing the little square boxes in the produce section. You need to embrace your fear, look it in it’s little white plastic face and say  I can master you. If I learn to cook that scary looking white square correctly, then it will be oh-so-tasty and I will be so happy to have … Continue reading



 I am a little behind the fashion on this incredibly tasty dip for bread and oil. 101 Cookbooks published a recipe for this addictive mix of nuts, seeds and spices way back in 2006, and it was quickly followed by a bevy of adaptations in the way that any new and different recipe that Heidi Swanson publishes tends to do. Back in 2006 I was too busy getting married and going to culinary school to see it. Then The Kitchn published a easy to follow recipe which included ways to adapt the recipe to your own liking. That was back … Continue reading

2014 Year-End Review

2014 Year End

I am not really surprised how fast the past year went. Saying time goes too fast is too easy. It’s not that time goes to fast; it’s that I go too fast. My days are filled with breakfast, lunch and dinners, keeping diapers on toddlers (not an easy task), book-bags packed for my kindergartener, and surviving the witching hour (which annoyingly lasts four hours not one!). Finding time for my sweet and darling Hubby, housekeeping and blogging seem more difficult every day. Since it’s the time to reflect and make changes I have decided next year to slow down and … Continue reading

Holiday Gift Cakes: Double-Fudge Pound Cake and Classic Gingerbread

Cakes - It's Not Easy Eating Green

A particular humbug I used to know once told me that teachers throw away all the homemade edible gifts they receive for the holidays. Upon hearing this I went into despair; if I couldn’t bake for Little Guy’s teachers, then what was I to do? Apparently, teachers prefer gifts in the form of plastic (gift cards), to gifts lovingly prepared for them. I get the idea that teachers might be a little weary that the gifts were made by the same little dirty hands they see all day. However, whatever happened to the appreciation of homemade gift? I choose to … Continue reading

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