A Winter Solstice (Pomegranate Mimosa with Cinnamon and Orange Peel)

winter solstice cocktail

With last weekend’s winter solstice, I quietly celebrated the arrival of winter. Not everyone enjoys this seasonal passing. After all, many in the colder states dread the frozen days and long nights that lie ahead of us in the coming months (and months and months). Perhaps its my love of Christmas, my December birthday or just that I tend to geek out a little on seasons, but I have a special love of the Winter Solstice.

All the cliches about time marching on, flying, waiting for no man, etc. are all clattering around in my head as I am in wonder at the end of this year. How, in one short year, can so much have happened? How have my tiny infants grown into such willful toddlers, how has my little boy grown up into a quickly maturing soon-to-be big boy, and how is it possible that I am now 40?

To help me celebrate the end of this seemingly shorter than most years, I’ve come up with a little cocktail full of winter symbolism. If you are familiar with Greek mythology, then you may remember sweet innocent Persephone and her love of pomegranate seeds. DSC_0443-001She ate six of them while in Hades, and that was a big no-no with her daddy Zeus. Because of those little pomegranate seeds we now have our winter months – the months Persephone spends in Hades each year.

My cocktail is similar to a mimosa, but instead of orange juice, I use pomegranate juice infused with orange peel and cinnamon. Depending on how sweet you like your cocktails and how dry your sparkling wine is, you may wish to add a tablespoon or two of sugar, but either way you will not mistake the clearly winter flavor of this drink. If this is what Persephone was offered then I can’t really blame her. We can only hope that she still gets them! Enjoy!

Winter Solstice (Pomegranate Mimosa with Cinnamon and Orange Peel)

Yield: 8 servings

Winter Solstice (Pomegranate Mimosa with Cinnamon and Orange Peel)

Italian Prosecco is the perfect sparkling wine for this cocktail. Not only is it a lot less expensive than Champagne, but it is not as dry which works best.

2 cups pomegranate juice

peel from one orange

4 inch cinnamon stick

2 tablespoons sugar (more or less to taste)

1 - 750ml bottle sparkling wine or Champagne

Combine pomegranate juice, orange peel, cinnamon stick and sugar in a saucepan over medium-high heat. Bring to a simmer and reduce heat to medium-low. Cook until the liquid has reduced by half - to one cup, about twenty minutes. Remove from the heat, remove the orange peel and cinnamon and allow to cool to room temperature.

Pour the champagne into eight flutes leaving two inches at the top of each glass. Pour two tablespoons of the juice into the top of each glass. Serve immediately.


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